Zambia Data Portal


Name Lat (deg) Lon (deg) Elevation (m) Site Type
Zambia Met Department -15.4167 28.3207 1306.0 Atmosphere
    PAWS Station located in the Zambia Met Department Met Garden

Yatsani Radio -15.4521 28.3771 1326.0
    PAWS Station located in the Yatsani Radio Garden

Mazabuka Radio -15.866 27.766 1097.0
    PAWS Station located in the Mazbuka Radio Garden

Chikankata Bio-Med College -16.2333 28.15 1307.0
    PAWS Station located near Salvation Army - Chikankata Bio-Med school

St Luke's Mission, Mpanshya -15.1105 29.7234 735.0
    PAWS Station located near the St Luke's Mission Hospital in Mpanshya

Chikuni Mission -16.4315 27.5475 1165.0
    3D-PAWS station at Chikuni Mission